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Welcome to the world of Naef

We are a Swiss company with over 60 years experience in the manufacture of wooden toys and have the highest quality standards. Beautiful colours and forms, flawless craftmanship and durability are characteristic of our products.
Our collection includes
• Toys for babies and infants > Basic
• Construction games and design objects for every age group > Classic
• Custom-made products > promotion


Seeing – Playing - Amazing

Babies explore the world with their sense organs. Our teething rings enable them to gain first experience through colour, sounds and material. We use exclusively wood and colouring for our toys which are completely safe.
Play is a vital part of a child’s development. With Naef’s play elements, endless new combinations and constructions can be produced which develop creativity and dexterity.


Fascinating Naef

Our design objects and construction games require skill, logical thought and stimulate mental flexibility. Moreover, their colourfulness and surface feel appeal to the senses. They are designed for every age group – one never stops learning.
Our range also includes replicas from the Bauhaus era (1919–1933). These play objects are characterized by an archaic, simple form language, based on geometrical shapes.


Custom-made products

Are you looking for a business gift? Would you like to realize your own idea? We are experts in wood-working and can fulfill the majority of requests. We offer custom-made products, also in small series, or we can print your company logo on products from our standard range. We would gladly advise you. Please write to us via the contact form.