Playing with children

Kurt Naef was not only an inventor, but an adult who never stopped playing. In the picture we can see him in action with the grandchildren from his second... More
Naef_Museum _Vitrine_2


If you look into the illuminated display cases of the Naef Museum, you will discover six decades of the company’s history. Above all, you will recognize... More
Instagram Stream


Share your Naef experiences with the Naef community! The new section “Community” on our website makes this possible. We are looking forward to... More
Child with a black cube from Colorem by Naef Spiele Switzerland

Playing is learning

If we want to encourage our children’s learning, we must give them enough time and space to play. This is understood in the field of developmental... More

In the best light

Selected creations of Naef recently got the opportunity to present themselves in the best light in the showroom of the RIBAG Licht AG in Safenwil... More
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