Agenda / Short news

International Toyfair 30. january . – 3rd of February 2024 Hall 3A, Booth F-04 Attention – Fake mails Be aware of fake mails we have to deal with... More

Welcome “Talos”

Talos “Talos” by Peer Clahsen is a walnut wood object which, unlike many of his other designs, cannot be taken apart. The shape is reminiscent of a cube,... More

The classic play

The range of toys available to children today is endless, and the market share of electronic toys is growing enormously. These toys emit strong visual and... More

When toys come to life

Curtain up… It’s finally here! Share in the excitement for our new film in which our toys are the main characters. As an animated character,... More

Product upgrade

Sand pendulum makes tracks again The beloved sand pendulum is officially available again, with the attribute “Made in Switzerland.” It has been upgraded... More

Stapelsteine are here!

As of November 2020, Naef Spiele AG will be the official distributor in Switzerland of “Stapelsteine”. Are you not yet familiar with Stapelsteine? Well,... More

Toyfair 2020

Of all the ways we can communicate with each other these days, nothing beats a personal exchange with our loyal clientele and potential customers. The... More
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