Welcome “Talos”

New item designed by Peer Clahsen / Limited Edition


“Talos” by Peer Clahsen is a walnut wood object which, unlike many of his other designs, cannot be taken apart. The shape is reminiscent of a cube, but the sides are curved, making its body less stable but giving it a playful mobility. Once tapped, Talos wobbles for a long time or dances like a spinning top when given the right impulse. This spherical cube can also roll, as it exhibits the elements of a sphere. Talos fascinates both haptically and visually. Simultaneously round and angular, it sits comfortably in the hand. Its weight may come as a surprise, as Talos is considerably large and is made from two solid pieces of wood. The lively grain of the walnut wood is worth closer inspection and makes each piece unique; no two are alike.

Peer Clahsen, the designer of Talos, has always been intensely fascinated with cubes and ways they can be deconstructed. This time it is the undivided object that encourages play. Talos embodies and symbolizes the external unrest in turbulent times and at the same time represents inherent uprightness and calm, says the artist in his own words. For him, the curved sides represent the sky, while the steadfast, angular cube underlying the form represents the earth. Both belong together and are brought together in Talos.

When the spherical cube is not in use, it rests in a box made of white lacquered ash wood with sliding lid. The box can also be used as a stand for the object. An indent in the lid makes it possible to display Talos balancing on a corner. Each box is hand-signed by Peer Clahsen. The signature is on the lid, while the number of the respective copy and the monogram of the artist, (pc for Peer Clahsen) are written on the bottom of the box. Each object is also accompanied by an informative brochure, which is also numbered and signed by hand.