Agenda 2019

2019 Toyfair in Nuremberg: 30.1.2019 – 3.2.2019 / Hall 3A, Booth F-04.  ... More
Naef Bauhaus

Bauhaus Design

On December 22, 1976, Hans Maria Wingler, who at that time was the head of the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, wrote to Kurt Naef: “The Bauspiel (building... More
Naef Zeka Therapie Holzspielzeug

Naef Toys used for Therapy

Children develop most of their basic skills and abilities during the first five years of life. They actively explore their environment, learn to hold objects,... More

Naef Spin – New!

Within the latest Naef product, Naef Spin, a surprise awaits: when the top is spun, centrifugal force causes the two halves of the sphere to suddenly open,... More
Kinder Spielen Naef Spiele Colorem

Choosing the right toy

Choosing the right toy Parents want the best for their child’s development. Choosing toys which correspond to the various stages of child development plays a... More
Formobile Peer Clahsen Naef Holzobjekt


The Formobile, designed by Peer Clahsen, is a beautiful geometric sculpture made of high-quality, oiled walnut wood. Three frames- a rectangle, a triangle and... More
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