Recall Toy “Baby Balls”

Dear customers

Naef Spiele AG is taking the baby toys “Baby Balls” or “Color Balls” (article number 9107) off of the market until further notice. A recent quality control has shown that the toy does not comply with European safety standards, because its maximal cord length is approximately 6 – 7 mm over the safety limit. This could possibly lead to strangling or suffocation. We have not received any reports of accidents with this article due to the aforementioned safety deficiency. We would also like to point out that “Baby Balls” is a visual-acoustic toy for hanging (in stroller or crib) and not a toy in the traditional sense.

It is very important to us that our products are safe for children, so we ask all customers in possession of these toys to return them directly to one of the addresses below. You will receive either a suitable replacement or a full refund.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Within Switzerland:
Naef Spiele AG
Untere Brühlstrasse 11
4800 Zofingen

Within Germany:
Naef central warehouse
c / o Christof Beck
Gutenbergstrasse 3
72581 Dettingen

Within the EU (excluding Germany):
Please return the item to the point of sale