Wooden toys – a natural choice

Wood is life. Wooden toys are toys made of living, organic material. In nature, everything takes is time. Until a seedling becomes a stately tree, many years pass, sometimes several generations. Nothing can force this process; wood is a slow growing resource that deserves to be treated with care. When crafted into toys, wood may continue to live for many years after harvest, as it is robust and ages with dignity.

Wood has a personality. As individual as a fingerprint, each piece of wood differs in structure and colour nuances, shows its own character, and has a special charisma. Whether oak, beech, cherry, maple or walnut, the effect is completely different: warm, modern, chic, and above all, always timelessly beautiful. Its feel is pleasant and fulfils our desire for nature.

Wood is an brilliant material which has been used by man since the beginning of time. Wood is relatively easy to work with and versatile in form and function. For the production of its toys, Naef uses mainly the light maple wood from Central European forests. It can be painted easily and the colours are clear and genuine. Furthermore, it hardly splits, which is an important prerequisite for Naef’s precise components.

With a toy from Naef, you hold a piece of nature in your hands, which will provide you and your children with years of fun.