Stapelsteine are here!

Staplestein brings movement into the game!

As of November 2020, Naef Spiele AG will be the official distributor in Switzerland of “Stapelsteine”.

Are you not yet familiar with Stapelsteine? Well, it’s high time you got to know these colourful play-elements. Firstly, the name Stapelstein means “stacking stones”, or “stacking blocks” in English. They bring movement and creativity into the everyday life of children and transform any play space into an adventure playground.  > read more

When Patrick Engeler, Managing Director of Naef Spiele AG, was first introduced to Stapelsteine and their inventor Stephan Schenk at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, he was fascinated on the one hand by their simplicity and on the other by the amazing variety of ways they can be played with. Stapelsteine meet children’s needs for movement and promote healthy child development. Now Stapelsteine are available in Switzerland and are distributed by Naef Spiele AG: www.stapelstein-schweiz.ch
Contact: stapelstein@naefspiele.ch

The all-rounder
The colourful components made of foamed plastic look like shallow bowls, are light and stackable. They float, they roll, they spin on smooth floor-surfaces, and they are robust and suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Stapelsteine encourage jumping, climbing and balancing. They can be used as stools, climbing towers, obstacle courses, ball catchers and much more. An additional element, the balance board, complements the Stapelsteine set and offers further ways to play by challenging balance and enabling dynamic sitting. Stapelsteine are also suitable for therapy for children with physical disabilities. Stephan Schenk, together with Hannah König and a team of pedagogues and educators, is constantly developing new possibilities for Stapelsteine, which are published on the website. www.stapelstein.de /ways to play


Playing with a good conscience
Conscious consumers today want to know under which conditions a product is manufactured, and rightly so. Stapelsteine are produced in Germany in a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly way. The high-tech material EPP (expanded polypropylene) is water, saliva and bite resistant, free of plasticizers and propellants, and is recyclable. As the product is multifunctional, robust and durable, and has a timeless appearance, it can be given the “sustainability” stamp. www.stapelstein.de /Sustainability

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