Playing is learning

If we want to encourage our children’s learning, we must give them enough time and space to play. This is understood in the field of developmental psychology. Through the unlimited possibilities and experiences of play, children develop skills which will help them in life, whether they are playing alone or with others. Experience is the prerequisite for learning.

A child will play at least 15000 hours in the first six years of life. This is valuable learning time. Therefore, parents should pay attention to which toys fall into their children’s hands at each stage of child development.

How do Naef toys foster this development?

Learning occurs through the senses. Babies watch things, grab them and explore them with their mouths; they find sounds and colours fascinating. The Naef Baby Griffin is designed with this in mind. Older children also learn through sensory stimulation: the material wood is smooth to the touch while the intense colours stimulate imagination and creativity. As soon as a child places one block on top of another, building begins, and the three-dimensional world with its physical laws opens up. Building encourages dexterity and fine motor skills, spatial thinking, endurance and patience. Naef toys are also robust, durable and allow for infinite play possibilities, especially when different games are combined. Because Naef toys are crafted with absolute precision, it is possible to build complex, sophisticated structures.

In the range of Naef toys you will find appropriate toys for every stage of development, so that your child can enjoy the magic of playful learning.