Good things are worth waiting for

Step by step

What do you think… how old is this toy? Of course it is new and was manufactured in 2019. But it is also much older than that, because every toy has a story. This story begins somewhere in a European forest. At least 60 years pass before the young maple seedling grows into a majestic tree. After harvesting, the wood must be dried, which also takes time.

Before the finished game can be packaged, it must go through more than ten processing steps. It must be sawn, planed, sanded, milled and painted or printed, just to name a few. Furthermore, there is the initial idea behind every toy, which has to mature in the mind of the inventor before any further steps may be taken.

So what you have in your hands has very slowly come to fruition, and is probably much older than you are. It is young and ageless, despite its “old age”, and still has many years of use in its future, as it will likely be passed from generation to generation. Someday, signs of use will be worn into its surface, telling the story of its life as a beloved toy.