Toyfair 2020

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Of all the ways we can communicate with each other these days, nothing beats a personal exchange with our loyal clientele and potential customers. The Nuremberg International Toy Fair (from 29.1. to 2.2. 2020), the biggest contact platform in the industry, gave us another opportunity to talk to visitors from all over the world and spark their enthusiasm for our products. We noticed that wood is increasingly popular, although the market share for wooden toys is rather modest at 3-5%. Wood is appealing because of its timelessness, texture and aesthetics. Of course, it is a renewable resource and therefore climate-friendly.

Social media and personal contact are certainly not incompatible; they can complement each other very well. For example, a group of playing children greeted us at the toy fair via live stream from Tokyo. They showed Naef block constructions that they had built especially for us.

The next International Toy Fair: January 27th to 31st 2021