USM and Naef: performing together

Showroom Stuttgart

Wood meets metal

From October 4, 2018, Naef toys, games, and design objects will be displayed upon the elegant USM furniture in a temporary shop installation in the USM Stuttgart showroom. At first thought, this feels like an awkward pairing: what do small, wooden toys and games have in common with large, metal office furniture? However, the answer to that question is just as obvious. Both Naef and USM are known worldwide for their precisely crafted, brightly coloured, timeless designs. The two Swiss companies USM and Naef both look back on a long-standing company history of good, uncompromising design, high-quality, and scrupulous precision.

For over 50 years, USM has been manufacturing sophisticated, bespoke furniture systems that continue to be in demand all over the world. Their designs are suitable for both business spaces and private interiors as its modularity makes it adaptable and flexible. Thanks to their innovation, USM furniture is now particularly attractive for sales rooms: an integrated lighting system puts objects of all shapes and sizes in the right light.

We at Naef are looking forward to this collaboration with USM.